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The newly constructed 480-foot-long bridge will be approximately 86 feet wide and feature:

  • 4 vehicle travel lanes, 2 in each direction
  • 2, 8-foot-wide bike/cart paths, 1 in each direction
  • 2, 6-foot-wide sidewalks, 1 in each direction
  • A 9-foot, 8-inch raised center median

The project also will complete bridge approach roadway improvements (including drainage) to accommodate the raised profile for the bridge, and it will tie into the CV LINK multi-use trail under the bridge and at two secondary connecter trails from Dune Palms Road.

pull out bridge


  • Dune Palms Road will be open to traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists in both directions for the duration of the project.
  • The bridge will be constructed in two phases starting with the eastern bridge span followed by the western bridge span in Phase 2.
  • Crews will construct a temporary road on the western side of the existing road for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. This road will be removed when construction in Phase 1 is complete.


  • The speed limit on Dune Palms Road will be reduced to 35 MPH in the construction zone.
  • There may be short-term, planned lane or road closures with traffic control and detours in place.
  • Access to driveways on Dune Palms Road will be available. If a closure is necessary, the construction team will coordinate with the impacted party.
  • Nearby businesses and residents may experience common noises associated with construction including, loud machinery, motors running, pounding noises, beeping, and talking.
35 speed sign